“It’s been a blessing to be able to work with my student and watch her grow and develop. You know, although I was supposed to be the one teaching her, she was actually teaching me all along. I’ve discovered helping kids is something that I’m extremely passionate about, and I want to make a career out of it. With that being said, I’ve decided to pursue pediatrics. Project READS helped me discover what I’m really passionate about- my calling. It is such an amazing program and does so many wonderful things! ”

—Alexys, New Tech Academy Student and Volunteer Tutor

Tom carrying on the work of his late friend

“I am ever grateful that Dr. John Phillips showed me by example what a wonderful and fulfilling thing it is to serve as a volunteer for the kids of Project READS.”

—Mr. Tom, who is carrying on the work of his late friend

“Washington is truly thankful for the outstanding opportunity Project READS provides for our students. We believe that the program is an integral part of Washington’s high reading achievement.”

—J.R. Ankenbruck, Principal, Formerly at Washington Elementary School

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