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Check out the 90 second video sharing some of the amazing ways ProjectREADS volunteers are reaching out to support readers in need for all Allen County schools.

The Magic of Reading 20 Minutes A Day

Did you know that you are your children’s first and most important teacher? It’s true! While this can feel like a rather serious responsibility, it is also the most rewarding part of being a parent! You may be surprised by the magic you can generate by reading to and with your children for just 20 minutes a day.

What’s more, the 20 minutes need not be covered in one sitting. Any combination of chunks of time will work, as long as the total number of minutes equals 20.  In these magical minutes you can:

  • Strengthen your precious bond with your children.
  • Prepare your children for success in school and a lifetime of learning.
  • Take a key step in raising your children to be happy, thriving adults who improve the quality of life in our community.
  • Model good reading practices for your children, and they will develop a love of reading as well!

And…don’t stop reading aloud to and with your children once they become independent readers! Develop a reading tradition that will continue to enrich your children’s education for many years to come! In many families, reading together is part of the bedtime routine, just like brushing their teeth. Children actually look forward to bedtime, and sharing a good story is a great way to help everyone relax and wind down at the end of the day.

How lucky your children are to have you as their first and most important teacher and a willingness to give only 20 minutes a day to their reading…and their futures. Need some ideas on good books to start with? Check out my reading list for parents here.

Your Biggest Fan,

Dr. Maxine Huffman


 The 2019-2020 program year is scheduled to begin the week of September 9. If you know a grade 1-3 student who could benefit from attending Project READS for one hour each week, let us know.

If you would like to volunteer at a Project READS site, we’d love to help make that happen. Please contact us.

I am part of everything that I have read.

— Theodore Roosevelt

Allen County children are born with incredible potential! But before they can realize that potential in full, students must master basic literacy skills. For children striving to reach grade-level benchmarks, mastery may seem an unattainable goal. Fortunately, Project READS and our devoted volunteers have a proud history of inspiring students to become eager and accomplished young readers.

Each school year trained volunteer tutors are matched with kindergarten through third-grade students on a one-to-one basis or in small groups for one hour each week, mid-September through April, at one of our sites throughout Allen County. Meeting after school, tutors offer their students encouragement as they fortify literacy skills by making reading and writing interesting—and fun! Year-end assessments measure academic progress, but broad smiles and treasured friendships convey the true measure of the program: that a love of reading and a genuine concern for the welfare of a child are all that are needed to unlock a wealth of potential.

Imagine how rich our community will be when our children grow up to be part of all that they have read.

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Project READS students receive at no charge:

  • Literacy instruction tailored to their specific reading level and delivered by trained volunteer tutors.
  • New books with corresponding reading tips and/or enrichment activities.
  • Calendars and stickers to promote reading at home with family members.
  • Graduation awards and certificates of achievement.
  • Year-end gifts that offer wonderful summer enrichment opportunities.
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