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So many ways to donate to your favorite reading project

The Choice Is Yours:

Donate directly to:

Our Network for Good Donation Page

Mail Checks directly to:

Project READS
1005 W. Rudisill Blvd., Suite 308
Fort Wayne, IN 46807

Add funds directly to our endowment:

Ann D. Ballinger Endowment

Please go to the Community Foundation of Greater Fort Wayne’s “Donate Now” page, select “Specific Named Fund”, type in “Ann D. Ballinger Endowment” in the field provided, and complete online donation.

Treasures Welcome

Project READS appreciates donated treasures of time and materials. Like most community efforts, funds are also required to provide daily operational needs
Support Project READS

Here are a few of the many resources that your generosity could provide:

  • Home libraries carefully selected to instill a love for reading!
  • Hands-on activities developed to reinforce critical thinking skills!
  • Educational games designed to make learning fun!
  • Writing kits and materials created to inspire budding authors!
  • Graduation awards presented to students reading at or above grade level!
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