December 2013 – Positive Reinforcement

Positive Reinforcement

This holiday season give your children the glorious gift of believing in themselves!

Children striving to reach grade-level reading benchmarks often need to be inspired to learn and motivated to take on new challenges. As your children’s first and most important teacher, you can provide the spark that ignites their passion for lifelong learning!

Did you know that children often receive only one positive comment for every five negative comments? Resolve to turn that around for your children!

Below is a link to “101 Ways to Praise a Child“. It provides words and phrases of encouragement that can be used when you are working with your children. Circle a few new ones to use each week. You may even select one that contains a word your children may not know so you can increase their vocabulary at the same time you are improving their self-esteem!

To reinforce a certain reading skill, be specific in your praise. For instance, stretch “Good job!” to “Good job in using the pictures to figure out that new word!”

Don’t forget to praise your children’s efforts as well as their successes. They may not get every word or answer correct, but if your children are working hard, paying attention, and listening to your helpful hints, they still deserve words of praise.

Finally, try coming up with new motivational phrases of your own. You know your children best, so you have the inside track on boosting their confidence!

As you work your way down your holiday gift list, remember: Teaching your children to believe in themselves doesn’t cost a penny, and the results are priceless!

101 Ways to Praise a Child (PDF)

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