Family Reading Calendar


April 2018

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Now that you know how important it is to read with your children 20 minutes a day (please see Parent Impact), let’s get started!

Above is a calendar for the current month. Print out the calendar and post it where it can be seen every day (for example, on your refrigerator). Have your children place a sticker on each day that you meet your 20-minute goal. Job chart stickers work best. They are available at local stores like United Art & Education.

To add to your reading fun, we have included the names of children’s book authors and/or illustrators on their birthday! We have a few suggestions on putting this feature to good use:

  1. Visit your favorite library branch or bookstore with your children to select a book by
    the author and/or illustrator, then read it at home on his/her birthday.
  2. Research the life, hobbies, and special interests of the author and/or illustrator. Then:
    • Make a birthday card for the author and/or illustrator that he/she would enjoy, based on the research you and your children have conducted.
    • In addition to birthday wishes, write why you like the stories or pictures that the author and/or illustrator has created.
    • Mail it to the birthday honoree if you are lucky enough to find his/her address! (Most authors and illustrators can be reached through their publisher.)
  3. Share the birthday cheer by donating a book by this author and/or illustrator to yourschool, local library, or literacy organization. Who knows how many lives your special “birthday gift” may touch!

Don’t forget to come back next month for your new calendar and listing of fabulous authors and illustrators!

Happy reading!

Your Friends at Project READS








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