Project READS is back!

Project READS is preparing for next year. Show your interest as early as possible to be a Project READS site partner in 2022-23. Confirming your school’s partnership before summer vacation enables Project READS to be ready when your students return in the fall.

We are excited to confirm that Project READS has joined The Literacy Alliance team. As of September 1, 2021, we combined forces to eliminate illiteracy in our community. Collectively, we can provide one-on-one assistance for students in grades K-3 and classes to prepare adults in our community to receive their high school equivalency diplomas.

This partnership is an excellent move for us, and we’re proud to be a part of the team. We’re excited to be making even more of an impact on our community. Stay tuned!  

Interested in learning more about The Literacy Alliance?

 Do you love reading? Do you have time to help students in our community learn to love reading too? Then volunteer with us!

This school year, we have ten sites meeting in person that need capable, friendly adults to boost literacy here in Allen County.  You’ll be partnered one-on-one with a student from an area school to read and work on literacy skills together for one hour once a week.

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